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Holding South Carolina's Good Ole Boys Accountable



Mia has been a champion of women's rights throughout her entire career, raising awareness, offering ideas and delivering solutions for some of our state’s most critical issues.










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Mia has led the charge to hold the powerful accountable at the State House.  She will always fight to see that South Carolina gets the leadership in government it deserves.










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If Education is the gateway to South Carolina’s success, we can’t  continue to rely on “minimally adequate” educational standards. We must fund, promote and support our teachers and students by building a quality, equitable public education system for all South Carolinians.







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South Carolina's multi-billion dollar agricultural and tourism industries are counting on us to protect the environment that employs hundreds of thousands of workers and draws millions of visitors to our coastlines each year.  


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Women in South Carolina are much more likely to be abused or murdered by the men in their lives.  In fact, our state has been number one in the nation multiple times, when it comes to domestic violence homicides.  Mia has spent her career working with victim services agencies and others within the criminal justice community to develop comprehensive solutions that will help us get the protections and justice we deserve.  Whether it’s gender and pay equity, diversity and inclusion or keeping the government out of our personal healthcare decisions, Mia has always been on the front lines…fighting the good ole boys’ “war on women” to help move South Carolina forward for all of us. 


Women's Rights


Our citizens and communities deserve nothing less than the highest levels of transparency and accountability in government.  Mia has consistently fought corruption at every level to expose the motives and practices of self-serving politicians who seem more concerned about their positions than the people of South Carolina.




Where you find thriving communities, you’ll find strong public schools.  Mia believes South Carolina can truly prosper when we make public education a priority and provide our children with fully and equitably funded public schools. That’s why she has always been a tireless advocate for our students and fights equally hard for our teachers, whose salaries should be competitive and commensurate with the challenges they face in classrooms across South Carolina every day.



South Carolina's agribusiness and tourism industries represent almost $70 billion in economic impact for our state and they both rely on a clean environment for that success to continue.  Our state must take seriously the dangers coming from climate change that could affect our coastlines and beaches while also strengthening our laws to hold coproate polluters accountable.

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