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  • Sen. Mia McLeod

The truth about S.1? It’s all a con.

I recently stood at the well of the Senate and spoke against Henry McMaster’s top priority this legislative session...the Fetal Heartbeat Bill. Why? Because SC Republican “leaders” refuse to wear masks to protect the living. They pit teachers against our seniors and most vulnerable to cover up a botched vaccination rollout. And they blame our hospitals and first responders to hide their own leadership failures.

All of this is happening right here...right South Carolina during a global the very folks who claim to be “pro-life.”

Protecting their “individual liberties,” while stripping the rights and “individual liberties” of millions of women and girls across South Carolina isn’t just hypocritical. It’s re-election insurance.

Simply put, South Carolina Republicans are running a con game on us, using the same age-old tactic that thieves and con-men have used since the beginning of time: Distraction.

Henry McMaster HAS to push the legislature to pass the fetal heartbeat bill so that he can make a big deal about signing it because he needs the “political victory” to distract us from the truth.

By passing the Fetal Heartbeat bill, SC Republicans want us to forget that:

  • When South Carolina needed a statewide mask mandate instead of political grandstanding, they failed

  • As Covid-19 continued to rage, needlessly costing many lives and livelihoods that could’ve been mitigated or prevented, they failed.

  • When the very science they deny produced a vaccine in record time and they were tasked with administering it efficiently and effectively before COVID-19 mutations expedited community spread, they failed.

With over 7,000 deaths in South Carolina from this deadly virus in less than a year, Henry McMaster’s claims of being “pro life” ring hollow.

Governor McMaster and South Carolina’s Republican-controlled legislature only care about one thing: THEIR POWER!

That’s why I called them out last week on the Senate floor and warned them that millions of women across South Carolina aren’t easily fooled. And one of these election days, there will be a reckoning.

While they continue to lust for power, the people of SC are hurting. We need adequate COVID-19 protections, access to vaccinations and wages we can actually live on and unemployment benefits that will actually sustain us until we get through these public health and economic crises.

If you agree that those are just a few of the ways Governor McMaster and our Republican-controlled legislature can protect the living, stand with me. Go to Look up your legislators. Reach out to them and the Governor. Let them know we need real leadership, and we need it NOW.

Republicans have controlled the House, Senate and Governor’s Office for decades. They could easily have passed all the pro-birth and pro-death legislation they wanted years ago.

If you or anyone you know is fed up with the distractions, hypocrisy and deception, please add your voice to the discussion on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages or forward this email and encourage others to call or email their state legislators and the Governor.

Let’s put an end to their con game.

The time is now, and with your help, “A Change is Gonna Come” to South Carolina...

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